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At C&C Plumbing we pride ourselves on being a team that is trustworthy. We will do right by our customers.
Whether in Minot or the surrounding areas, we provide a service that is full of excellence. We think you will be impressed by the quality of our work.
Customer Service
To us, one of our most valuable assets are our customers. We strive to bring a high level of customer service to you each and every day.
We can promise you the world but if we are not dependable what good is it? That is why we focus on being dependable on every project that we are apart of.
Who we are
Fully Licensed
We want to make sure we can meet the requirements of whatever job you need us to do. That is why we are fully licensed to meet the demands of whatever job that is presented.
Over 50 years of Experience
Our company has been around for awhile. With this, we have been able to show that we have the grit and determination to meet the needs of our customers in the Minot, ND area for a long time.
Fully Staffed
Our company is fully staffed and ready to serve you. We pride ourselves on having a team that is ready to go. We don’t overload the team, to make sure that we can help you with quality.
Our History

In 1980, a partnership was formed between Donald D Cartier and Kim A Cady which became C & C Plumbing, LLP. In 1988, this partnership purchased Miller Sheet Metal, a local HVAC Firm. Most recently in 2012, C & C Plumbing LLP and Miller Sheet Metal was purchased by Jamie Lach and Joshua Cartier, partners. In the past almost 40 years, we have seen a lot of change but one thing that has not changed is the value that we offer our customers. 

We focuse on bringing a high level of customer service to our commercial and residental customers. Our hope is that you will not find a more friendly, quality service in town. 

Our Process
Initial Consultation
Our process starts simple with an initial consultation to get an understanding of the project. We are able to do this at our office in Minot or, depending on the location, meet with you at your location.
Develop a Plan
We then work with you, as our client, to put together a plan of action that will meet your needs and get the job as quick as possible. Once we have our plan of action in place we are able to get to work.
Execute the Plan
This is the part that is supposed to be the most fun as we execute this plan and start to get our project completed. Once this is done, we are confident you will be happy of the quality craftsmanship.
Our Team
We have a fully staffed and licensed team that is ready to get to work for you. Stop by our staff page to virtually meet the entire team from our CEO to the Project Manager on your next Project!

We have a full list of services to better assist you, our client. We handle any job, from the simplest to the hardest. Check out our Services page to see what we offer and how we can help you.

We love hearing from our clients. Whether it is hearing what how much they appreciated our services or if they want to work together on another project. Feel free to reach out to us whatever your needs may be.



At C&C Plumbing, we pride ourselves on helping our customers through every stop of the process. We have worked for our clients in Minot for over 50 years and plan to do so for long into the future! Feel free to reach out to us via any of the options listed below.


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